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Deer Feed

SouthFresh Extruded Deer feed is an 18% protein extruded corn and soybean meal-based deer feed that also contains alfalfa, rice bran, and dried distillers along with a complete mineral and vitamin package to help deer reach their full genetic potential.

While the extrusion process offers benefits on nutrient absorption and utilization, this manufacturing process also produces a more consistent nugget that has an extended shelf life, hold up better in the rain over a pelleted feed and flows much better through spin feeders that are used in deer operations.

SouthFresh Extruded Deer Feed contains high levels of essential minerals and vitamins required for maximum antler development and improve reproductive performance. This feed also contains a microbial package that will increase feed digestibility and improve their immune system allowing them to remain healthier.

Finally, this feed contains FMF Maple Nut Deer Flavor derived from Fenugreek. Fenugreek has shown benefits in improved feed conversion and increased average daily gain along it being a digestive stimulant, and very heat stable. Fenugreek also has shown antimicrobial activity and some anti-inflammatory effects.

SouthFresh Deer Feed is used by some of the leading deer breeders in the southeast with great success.

Brown Bag Deer Feed

SouthFresh feeds is the manufacturer in the Southeast for brown bag special pelleted deer feed.  This feed is manufactured for and in partnership with Overall Animal Nutrition and contains Natures Formula IGF-1 as an ingredient.

Natures Formula feed additive provides the key components necessary to enhance antler tissue growth.  Natures Formula IGF-1 feed additive provides the essential minerals and nutrients that aid in reducing the chances of infectious viruses in deer while promoting whole herd health.